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Cozumel 1998 Photo Gallery

Text and images Copyright (C) 1999, David M. Read.  All rights reserved.

Much to my surprise, I got more good photos from my Cozumel trip than I could use in the trip report.  So I created this photo gallery as a place to show all of the photos from the trip.  Click on any image to see a larger version of that same image.

anemone-2.jpg (55534 bytes)
A purple ball anemone nestled into the reef

anne-grunts.JPG (53533 bytes)
Anne sidles up to a school of bluestriped grunts
arrowcrab-1.jpg (42286 bytes)
An arrow crab hides between two sponges
arrowcrab-2.jpg (56910 bytes)
An arrow crab rests in an azure vase sponge, along with a sea pearl.
azure-1.jpg (72557 bytes)
An azure vase sponge grows on the reef
azure-2.jpg (45888 bytes)
This young azure vase sponge was only two inches tall!
barredhamlet.jpg (65144 bytes)
A barred hamlet cruises the reef
blenny.jpg (34157 bytes)
These almost-transparent blennies are hard to spot, and even harder to photograph!   I'm having trouble getting a positive ID on this one.  Does anyone know what it is?  If so, please email me.
bluehamlet.jpg (41541 bytes)
This indigo hamlet posed nicely for me.
bluetang.jpg (52640 bytes)
I didn't see many blue tangs in Cozumel's waters, but I saw plenty of juveniles of the species!
durgon-2.jpg (29201 bytes)
Black durgons are notoriously difficult to photograph.  This is one of only a few decent pictures of them I have ever taken.
frenchangel.jpg (66747 bytes)
I didn't see many adult french angels, either, but juveniles of the species were everywhere.
grunt-1.jpg (66984 bytes)
A bluestriped grunt against the reef.
grunt-2.jpg (48846 bytes)
Another bluestriped grunt, this one in mid water
palancar.JPG (54473 bytes)
A sea fan reaches into the current at Palancar Caves.
pipehorse-1.jpg (44523 bytes)
A pipehorse drifts near the algae in which it lives.
pipehorse-2.jpg (31764 bytes)
Another pipehorse clings to its holdfast.
pipehorse-4.jpg (24478 bytes)
Oracio's hand shows just how small the pipehorse is.
porkfish.jpg (28623 bytes)
A porkfish poses above the reef.
queentrig.jpg (73971 bytes)
A queen triggerfish swims near the sand.
rockbeauty.jpg (50600 bytes)
Rock beauties are another species which I have found difficult to photograph.  This one cooperated nicely.
squirrel.jpg (57335 bytes)
A squirrelfish poses.
wrasse.jpg (73832 bytes)
It took a lot of searching through Humann's book for me to ID this fish as an intial-phase yellowhead wrasse.
yellowtail.jpg (35518 bytes)
A juvenile yellowtail damselfish pauses long just enough for me to trigger the shutter.

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