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The Digital Photographer

There's no doubting it: "digital" is the future of photography. Some people say that future is here now, while others argue that "wet" photography still can't be beat for many or even most applications. No matter which camp you sit in, there's no debating the usefulness of digital tools. This section will cover digital tools available to the underwater photographer, how to use them, and more importantly, when to use them.

  1. Digital Cameras
  2. Scanners
  3. Image-editing software
  4. Printers
  5. Some Notes on Compression and Image Editing
  6. Digital Images and "Resolution"

P.S. There's good news and bad news here. The good news is that I have started working on this section (and others), so the site will be expanding soon. The bad news is that I don't expect to complete this section before September 2002. I will add chapters here as I complete them, however, so check back every month or so to see what's new.
- DR

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