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Special Techniques

Throughout the rest of this site, I have tried to avoid dwelling on the specifics of how to shoot particular types of shots, as I feel it's more worthwhile to spend time on fundamentals and theory. But the rubber has to meet the road somewhere; all that theory has to have application or it's worthless. This section is where we try to put it all together and take some actual photographs.

Each of the sections below describes a different technique. I don't want to imply that the list is all-inclusive, or that you have to take pictures that fit into one of these niches. However, the types of photos listed below are fairly common, have mostly well-defined goals, and are generally "expected" by the viewing public. By that last phrase I mean that people looking at your photos won't have to stretch too far to grasp your pictures.

  1. Macro
  2. Fish Portraits
  3. Reefscapes
  4. Divers
  5. Large Animals
  6. Close-Focus Wide Angle (CFWA)
  7. Wrecks
  8. Over / under
  9. Extreme Macro

P.S. There's good news and bad news here. The good news is that I have started working on this section (and others), so the site will be expanding soon. The bad news is that I don't expect to complete this section before July 2002. I will add chapters here as I complete them, however, so check back every month or so to see what's new.
- DR


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